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What is progesterone


Progesterone is an amazing hormone. It is the loveliest of hormones in my opinion. I say this because one of the things it does is to fluff up the lining of the endometrium to hold a tiny new baby when it is conceived.  Having given birth to 5 beautiful children with 7 miscarriages mixed in, I am very grateful to been introduced in 1998 of the importance of progesterone.

So what do we know about this wonderful hormone progesterone? Well first of all we are talking about the hormone the body should be able to manufacture on its own if things are right. We are not talking in this article about natural progesterone cream (we have many other articles for that) but just about the natural hormone progesterone.

Progesterone is regulated by the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands which are part of your endocrine system. Other hormones included are estrogen and testosterone in this delicate symphony of hormonal balance. The endocrine system includes all the glands necessary for fertility function.

Progesterone is produced in the ovaries along with estrogen, testosterone and androgenic hormones. In the years of reproduction, child bearing, progesterone has the function of maintaining the uterus and prepares it for the possibility of pregnancy.

Progesterone is also made to support acute brain function and emotional stability. When proper levels of progesterone are present there is a calmness and healthy sleep patterns exist.

Progesterone must be balanced and unopposed by estrogen. It is progesterone which opposes estrogen in the body, keeping it steady in the right way. When estrogen is not opposed, or in balance with progesterone cancer is a common concern later in the game.

In CW Randolph’s book Hormone Hell he states that it was the concern about HRT and cancer that lead him to studying the effects of xenoestrogen, progesterone and estrogen’s effects on the body. We also have studied Dr. Lee’s work on the importance of progesterone and it is the very reason “this writer” among countless concerned others, are vehemently opposed to HRT. That too is for another article.

Back to the wonders of progesterone.

As we said earlier on, progesterone opposes estrogen in the best of ways. In the 1950s studies were done that showed that PMS was actually caused by not enough progesterone in the luteal phase to oppose estrogen and therefore the body was out of whack when the follicular phase drew near. Remember that the luteal phase is after ovulation and the follicular phase is the part of the cycle that leads to ovulation.

You do not have to have a lot of estrogen. This is a misconception. You only need to have less than the balanced amount of progesterone to be estrogen dominant. If you are low in progesterone estrogen’s overabundance will make you angry, edgy, short tempered and anxious. Progesterone also balances the water content in your brain cells and so you will feel groggy, fuzzy and unfocused according to Erika Schwartz, MD. She wrote the book The Hormone Solution.

Progesterone also helps to regulate the thyroid through a checks and balance system of thyroid binding globulin. Too much of this and no matter how you try to diet and exercise you cannot seem to lose weight. Women who find themselves starving for the sake of minimal or no weight loss will do better to balance their hormones. Since estrogen is stored in the colon and the liver, opposing it or cleansing and eliminating this problem will surely help with weight loss for many if not most women who have committed themselves to dietary changes.

Progesterone is also helpful in leveling your blood sugar. It does not mean that you can eat anything you want or go without eating endlessly but it does help with the glucose uptake by the cells.

There are many other lovely things that progesterone does for you behind the scenes. As it declines with age, environmental factors and poor choices we make, a few things are for sure:

  • Progesterone is necessary for healthy hormones and hormonal balance.
  • Progesterone which is lacking will cause a host of problems by allowing estrogen to go unopposed.
  • Progesterone is worth replacing in order to bring harmony back to your life.
  • Progesterone cream is the next step, the next to read about. Find out how it can help you turn your life around by opposing estrogen dominance.

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