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What are the side effects of progesterone cream


A question that many women ask is “What are the effects of progesterone?” Let’s take a look.

The question “What are the effects of progesterone?” can be answered differently, depending upon two things:

  1. Do you mean the effects of natural progesterone or or the side effects of (natural) progesterone, which is a negative term.
  2. Do you mean natural progesterone purchased in a cream or progesterone that is natural in your body; made by you without supplementing?

Or basically, are you wondering if progesterone cream is safe?

Let us put those worries to rest for you. We are going to use natural progesterone cream as a base for our article because it is what we believe in and have used and encouraged women to use since 1998.

Natural progesterone cream is generally safe since it mimics the exact chemical composition of the progesterone your body would make if it could. The purpose is bringing your hormones back in balance with a natural progesterone cream as part of the healing process for teenage girls, women (pre and post menopausal years) and even for many men over the age of 45 who are suffering from hormonal imbalance.

Progesterone is a hormone that is necessary for so many functions in the body it is staggering. Just to name a few:

  • enabling and maintaining a healthy pregnancy
  • lessening the symptoms of PMS,
  • offsetting estrogen in women who are perimenopausal
  • offsetting the effects of hormonal imbalance or low estrogen in woman who are in menopause or beyond.

What is called natural progesterone and what behaves the same as the natural progesterone our bodies make are two different things entirely. Synthetic progesterone such as Provera (made from horse urine) is not the same as the progesterone that your body makes and it comes with negative side effects.

We believe that natural is the way to go with everything; whenever possible. Your body will recognize natural progesterone as it would its own and will do for you what your own progesterone is currently unable to do, mostly due to unopposed estrogen in our system.

Synthetic progesterone carries a host of side effects, especially estrogen-progestin combination drugs. Some examples are:

  • can cause pulmonary embolism (in the lungs)
  • retinal thrombosis
  • PMS
  • headaches
  • nervousness
  • fatigue
  • backache
  • loss of scalp hair
  • itching
  • dizziness and more.

Estrogen progesterone combinations will no doubt wreak havoc with your system as your body tries to recognize it as natural to your body and fails.

Most of the time your body does not need estrogen, it needs progesterone to balance out both of those hormones and they are not good in combination. Very few women actually need added estrogen.

Natural progesterone on the other hand has no known side effects. It is called natural because it is composed of products found in nature and put together is such a way as to benefit your hormonal system.

Natural progesterone is also known as bio-identical. Just a clarification here also, wild yam is NOT the same as natural progesterone and while it may give you some relief from symptoms you are experiencing, you will not get the full benefit that you would get from a good natural progesterone cream such as Cycle Balance Cream or Happy PMS Cream.

So, if you are asking the question “What are the effects of Progesterone?” should I have just said upfront “None known.” or did you really more information to make a fully informed decision. My guess is the latter.


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