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How Effective Is Progesterone Cream?


In 1995 in a study by KJ Chang transdermal hormones were applied to view their effects on the breast ducts which is where cancer is known to begin in the breast. The study determined without question that transdermal hormones are without doubt properly taken up by the body and effectively used against the breast cancer.

The results on its effects were even more important than just that progesterone cream IS bio-identical and used by the body in place of its own. The estrodial cream (1.5mg per day) increased the rate of growth of the cancer cells by 230%, while the progesterone cream (25mg per day) decreased the rate of growth by more than 400%. This is absolutely staggering and more than encouraging as far as the benefits of progesterone cream against breast cancer.

These results were seen in the tissue of the breast and not in the blood samples which is why many doctors do not believe in the efficacy of transdermal, bio-identical hormones. In fact, seeing the results in the tissue itself is an even more powerful testimony to the effectiveness of the cream. It goes right to the need.

Dr Zava of ZRT labs (a saliva testing company who makes our saliva hormone test kits) has performed controlled clinical studies showing that progesterone cream is taken up properly by the body and shows 10 x 50 times more in the salivary glands. The saliva glands are a better mark then blood in the body’s actually levels of hormones.   He also does thousands of saliva tests at his lab which continue to provide the same results.

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