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Progesterone Natural FAQ List


Progesterone natural provides a safe place learn about progesterone, buy natural progesterone cream and gain valuable and usable information about all natural and unnatural aspects of progesterone, natural progesterone cream and the use of it and the dangers of unnatural progesterone.  We would prefer to educate you in order for you to make informed choices about your hormonal health.

Subjects covered in our FAQ article list:

What is progesterone?
Why progesterone cream?
What is progesterone cream?
What progesterone creams are best?
What should my progesterone levels be?
What are acceptable progesterone levels?
Will progesterone cream affect my hormone levels?

What about progesterone and pregnancy?
What about progesterone in early pregnancy?
Is progesterone harmful or helpful for pregnancy?
Is progesterone cream recommended for pregnancy?
What do I do about low progesterone?
What are the effects of progesterone?
What are the side effects of progesterone cream?
What is estrogen and progesterone imbalance?
Are there progesterone supplements?
What is the difference between estrogen and progesterone?
What are the symptoms of needing progesterone?
What are the symptoms of estrogen imbalance?
What are progesterone suppositories?
Are progesterone suppositories safe and natural?
How Effective Is Progesterone Cream? Does Progesterone Cream Work?

Progesterone is a hormone.  Natural progesterone does not mean that it your natural hormone but that it has not been molecularly altered and therefore will work your body in a bio-identical way.

What does bio-identical mean?
Bio-identical mean the same as your life.  Bio means life and identical means exactly the same.  Basically if progesterone is bio-identical or also called bio-available, it means that your body will take it in as if it came from your body.

Progestins are not the same as progesterone.  They are chemically altered to a different molecular structure and therefore they cannot be taken in and used the same as your own progesterone from ovulation.

We do not sell progestins here; your local pharmacist would have to help you with that prescription.  We will tell you about progesterone and from a natural prospective.

Cycle Pro Balance Cream is our top pick for natural progesterone cream with Happy PMS Cream coming in a close second.  These are the two creams we write most about.

We have been on the web since 1998 and have been couples overcome infertility with a natural approach since just before 1998.  Progesterone is the most widely discussed and use product to be found for infertility, menopause and andropause.  Yes, even men need progesterone cream.  Adam’s Prostate is just that; progesterone cream for men.

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