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Is progesterone harmful or helpful for pregnancy


Is progesterone harmful or helpful for pregnancy? Is natural progesterone cream helpful or harmful for pregnancy? These are two separate questions important if you are trying to get pregnant or to maintain a pregnancy.

The simple answer to the first is YES. Progesterone is extremely important to pregnancy. Along with its balancing hormone estrogen it is necessary.

Progesterone is an important hormone needed to get pregnant as well as sustain a pregnancy. Basically, without the correct levels of progesterone your body will either be unable to conceive. Without the correct levels of progesterone you will not be able to carry your pregnancy to term. Low, insufficient levels will inevitably lead to miscarrying once you are pregnant.

I have personal experience in this since I had 7 miscarriages among my 5 children before a dear friend suggested I try natural progesterone cream. Testimonials from others using a natural progesterone cream before, during, and after a pregnancy have come in droves to our infertility sites. I have not “met” a woman yet who has not benefited in the way of a potentially healthier pregnancy and I have been helping couples overcome infertility, miscarriage, secondary infertility and high risk pregnancies since 1998 on the web.

This is not just a matter of a few personal experiences. It has been the life work of Dr. Lee who cared about the hormonal health of women before it was popular.

What does progesterone cream do that makes it such a wonderful addition to your pregnancy? Most it is because it keeps the endometrial lining puffed up to sustain and hold safely the baby in place.

Without this your tiny baby will be pushed from the body often before you even know you are pregnant.

Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum (the egg) and it is ESSENTIAL for building and maintaining the lining of the uterus, as we stated above. This is so that the fertilized egg (your baby) can implant properly, solidly and continue to grow. The increase in progesterone production on hormone receptors, after ovulation, is what causes women to be more fertile.

At the point of conception the sufficiency of progesterone, from that egg, is already determined. Supplemental progesterone, bio-identical and bio-available being the best choice, will very often be necessary. Natural progesterone cream is made for this very purpose.

Progesterone in a healthy pregnancy will increase after fertilization and properly occupy hormone receptors. With a conservative amount of 1 in 6 couples showing at least some level of infertility, it would be realistic to say that that close to 20% may not produce the progesterone necessary to sustain a pregnancy.

Is natural progesterone harmful to pregnancy? Is progesterone harmful or necessary for pregnancy? The answer is no, a well made, progesterone cream with USP progesterone is not only safe but good chance necessary. It is at least a natural sort of insurance for a large populous of women.

And YES, progesterone is necessary and safe for pregnancy. Your baby will not survive, nor can you conceive and carry, without it.

You NEED an adequate amount of progesterone to become pregnant. No debate.

If you trying to conceive or thinking of conceiving soon, progesterone can most often be used to induce fertility when there appears to be some ovulatory dysfunction.

What most women may not know is that a lack in progesterone may be what is keeping them from carrying (and not miscarrying) rather than from conceiving. Remember that a large function of progesterone is to fluff up the lining and therefore it is easy to miscarry only days into the pregnancy without even know it ever began; before a test.

Natural progesterone cream such as Cycle Pro Balance Cream have not been shown to have any adverse side effects, it makes the perfect choice for those who are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant or have a history of miscarriage.

We are not saying that natural progesterone cream is the magic bullet for you, but we can tell you from personal experience as well as that of 1000s of women we have helped since 1998, that it may be what you need.

It is our opinion that using a natural progesterone is helpful for pregnancy, but using a synthetic progesterone may be harmful to pregnancy. Make sure you get all the facts and then make the choice that is right for you.

Using a synthetic progesterone, such as suppositories can have benefits as well but comes with risks. It is classified as a Category X drug, which is defined as a medication that is highly unsafe to take during pregnancy. It is our opinion since natural alternatives which carry no risk are available, the risks from these suppositories far outweighs any possible benefit. The risk they refer to is and increased chance of miscarriage.

FYI. Post partum can be greatly helped by natural progesterone cream, as it has the ability to eliminate or significantly decrease post partum blues or depression.

Read another article? There are plenty to educate you. Enjoy.

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